Biovolume 128TM: from linden tree buds a powerful ally for hair care

Linden tree is widely cultivated in Turkey for the production of tea, obtained from flowers, while buds are considered waste to be removed by sieving. Biovolume128TM is obtained from upcycling of the buds and it is a highly functional active ingredient which helps to volumize and moisturize the hair.

Pesticides are forbidden and only buds with high phytochemical content are selected, in a very strict way, so only some unique species of linden tree growing in a specific region of Turkey are suitable for the production of the active ingredient.

Biovolume128TM is naturally rich in phytochemicals such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, peptides, mucilages and amino acids.

All these active groups have many ionic and polar sites for bonding. There are high-molecular weight molecules with hydroscopic and film-forming properties and low-molecular weight molecules (<1000 Da) that diffuse into the hair interacting directly with its protein structure. It is from the synergy of these large and small molecules that comes the unique and performing action of Biovolume 128TM: it aims specifically at the hair cuticles, dropping its biopolymeric content which helps hair fiber to bind more moisture while increasing the hair volume, preventing cysteine oxidation and hair damage.

Supported by a large dossier of ex-vivo efficacy tests, Biovolume 128TM is a natural as well as performing solution for products aimed to rehydrate, protect and give volume to the hair. It is particularly indicated for smooth flat hair. Biovolume 128TM‘s film-forming and volumizing properties can also be appreciated on eyelashes and make it a suitable ingredient for mascara and volumizing treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Mechanism of action