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Amik Italia S.p.A. was founded in 1976 as a trader in chemicals and raw materials for industry.

The main sectors today are: plastics, water treatment, pharma, cosmetics, coating, feed, polyurethanes.

The company very soon achieved a leading position and started to explore new markets. It operates now in more than 20 countries around the world, with export representing over 15% of the turnover.

In 2006 a sister company, Amik do Brasil, was founded, based in São Paulo and focused on the Brazilian market.


  • trader in chemicals and raw materials
  • 5 warehouses in Italy + 3 warehouses in Brazil
  • 36 employees in Italy + 15 employees in Brazil
  • business in more than 20 countries
  • 15% turnover in export


  • leading distributor of intermediates and direct dyes for professional hair care
  • bleaching products (powder & cream) manufacture
  • constant search for new ingredients & technologies
  • green surfactants, sensory agents, functional active molecules

From Amik’s experience in chemicals, a young and dynamic cosmetic team was born, that specialized at first in the professional hair-care sector.

Among the main Italian distributors of such products as intermediates and direct pigments for hair dyes, Amik Cosmetic Division also offers a private-label manufacture service of bleaching powder and bleaching cream.

A constant work of research led to the evaluation of new products and technologies, at the same time opening new sectors and offering innovative solutions for skin & hair.

Green surfactants obtained with a completely eco-friendly process, innovative sensory agents for cooling and warming effect, functional active molecules such as whitening and anti-aging agents are some of Amik Cosmetic Division’s latest proposals.


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