Cleansing technology for water saving

The concept of sustainability has become fundamental in today’s world. Avoiding or at least limiting pollution, and generally speaking reducing the human impact on the environment is one of the main goals in the whole manufacturing process of a cosmetic product, from raw materials to the disposal of the product after use.

This is particularly true for cleansing products, both for body and hair, made to be rinsed off and therefore dispersed in the environment. Which implies two matters. First, the product needs to be eco-compatible and biodegradable, so that it won’t pollute the environment after dispersion. Second, the easier it is to rinse it off, the less water is wasted. And water saving is quite critical in a world where 3 billion people are facing inadequate quantity and/or quality of water every day.

Sino Lion’s amino acid-based surfactants, or the Eversoft series, are produced with a patented technology that involves no organic solvents, low energy and no waste at all. Coming from amino acids, the base of life, they are compatible both with the human body and the environment. Among amino acid-based surfactants, Glutamates and Alaninates are 100% natural (ISO criteria), sustainable and renewable. Not only they are easily biodegradable, which makes them environmentally friendly, but also they lead to real water saving.

The Eversoft surfactants can be used either for a partial or a total replacement of SLES in cleansing products such as body wash and shampoo. In either case, adding one or both of these surfactants to the formula significantly improves the quality of the finished product in its texture, skin feel, mildness and cleansing performance. The foam power is impressive: if a cleasing product formulated with SLES only shows large bubbles and flashy foam, adding even a small percentage of an Eversoft surfactant will make the foam denser, creamier and more elastic.

Above all, Glutamates and Alaninates will make the cleansing product extremely easy to rinse off, leading to a water saving up to more than 40% compared to similar products formulated with SLES.

A better choice for the consumer, a better choice for the environment.

Water saving study - glutammate & alaninate