Bleaching Products





Amik boasts a private-label production of bleaching powder and bleaching cream.

We offer a wide range of standard formulations, together with our experience as manufacturer of bleaching products and the well known made-in-Italy quality.

Our skilled and experienced technicians are ready to work together with each and every client, to choose the formula that suits each brand or company best, to formulate new products, to mix colors and fragrances according to the client’s desires.

Flexibility is our strenght point. We create custom formulas for our clients and help them develop the exact product they have in mind.

  • COMPACT bleaching powder
  • 9-TONE bleaching powder – bleaches up to 9 tones
  • CONDITIONING bleaching powder – with Polyamino Sugar Condensate
  • AMMONIA-FREE bleaching powder
  • PERSONALIZED bleaching powder – different colors and fragrances available
  • CONDITIONING bleaching cream – strong conditioning effect for stressed hair
  • AMMONIA-FREE bleaching cream
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