How to formulate delicate hand washes and protective products for frequent cleansing

People all over the world have been advised to wash their hands frequently and carefully these days. Hygienizing gels are as popular as ever. And if we try to imagine life in the next months, when we will gradually go back to offices, shops, restaurants while still taking precausions against infection, it looks like this trend will keep going strong.

The current challenge for cosmetics is then fighting the side effects of frequent hand cleansing. New lines of products will be designed to meet the dual need for hygiene and skin protection.

Hand washes are and will be widely used both in private homes and public places. Actually, their use is going to increase as we start going out and meeting people again. Well, as the first thing we should think of milder formulas for hand washes in order to reduce the skin damage that inevitably occurs with frequent cleansing: dryness, redness, irritation, itch.

The best way to make a wash formula more delicate, capable of preserving the skin’s hydro-lipid mantle and barrier function without losing any of its cleansing power, is partially or totally replacing aggressive surfactants such as SLES with natural, amino-acid based ones. Sino Lion’s Eversoft series, produced with a patented technology that involves no organic solvents, low energy and no waste at all, is the perfect solution. Coming from amino acids, the base of life, these surfactants are compatible with human skin and as a result they act mildly on it. In addition, Sino Lion’s innovative technology allows to maintain the formula cost reasonable when needed.

Besides surfactants, there are several active ingredients with hydrating, film-making, nourishing and repairing properties that may be added not only to a hand wash, but also to a whole line of complementary products: hand lotions, repairing masks, nourishing and healing products. The need for such products will grow as the habit of continuously washing and disinfecting hands spreads.

To formulate efficient hand-care products we recommend the following ingredients:

Virgin Coconut Oil: generally defined as coconut oil obtained by natural or mechanical means which don’t alterate the oil, with no chemical refining, bleaching or deodorizing process involved, VCO has proved to be very effective in treating the symptoms of skin disorders by moisturizing and soothing the skin. It is an excellent natural emollient, with great results in skin hydration and increased surface lipid levels. It can enhance skin barrier function, allowing the skin to retain moisture, resulting in decreased TEWL values. A less predictable, surprising result is VCO’s antibacterial function: it can significantly decrease staphylococcal colonization in the skin.

Pullulan: a polysaccharide polymer, it is widely appreciated in cosmetics both for its thickening properties, that make it a helpful support for viscosity, and for its film-forming, hydrating properties and low oxygen permeation rate, that help maintaining or restoring the natural hydration level in skin. Its great solubility in water makes this product suitable not just for creams and lotions, but also for water-based products.

Polyamino Sugar Condensate: this molecule, made of amino acids and sugar, has excellent hydrating and film-making properties. It is particularly advisable for rinse-off product.

CeraSkin: ceramide, a fundamental, endogenous component of the skin with a key role in its barrier function, is the perfect ingredient for skin restructuring products. CeraSkin, developed by Bio-Nest and exclusively distributed in Italy by Amik Italia, provides bioavailable and highly functional ceramides, in liquid form and easy to solubilize, not subject to crystallization. Two versions are available: liposoluble and water soluble.

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