Natural conditioning agents and delicate surfactants to replace aggressive shampoo

Co-wash – short for “conditioner-only wash” – traditionally means using conditioner instead of shampoo for hair rinsing and scalp cleansing. It might sound crazy to those who have straight and/or oily hair, but this technique is actually effective for thick, coarse, curly and dry hair, that is especially damaged by harsh, sulfate-based shampoo and needs more moisture than wash.

Shampoo, especially if it contains aggressive surfactants and it is used daily, can strip the hair and leave curls dry and frizzy. Replacing shampoo with co-wash will minimize the effects of overwashing and make the hair look healthy, hydrated and shiny, with nice and defined curls.

What ingredients do we recommend to formulate an effective co-wash?

  1. BAMBOO CHARCOAL POWDERThis 100% natural and COSMOS-certified active ingredient has optimal absorbent, purifying and detoxifying properties. It is great both for scalp and hair, removing excessive sebum and gently cleansing without the harshness of a surfactant.
  2. POLYAMINO SUGAR CONDENSATE. A condensate of multi (protein) amino polysaccharide (fructan, fructose, sucrose), this natural, versatile and performing ingredient hasshowed excellent results in hair conditioning and anti-detanglement.
  3. BIOVITRIENT 124TM . A powerful and nourishing combination of natural protein, saponin, flavonoid and musilage, Biovitrient rebalances the moisture level of the hair, smooths the cuticle and prevents dehydration. Thanks to its film-forming properties, it also creates a protective shield by sealing the cuticle scales and making the hair look healthy and shiny.
  4. EVERSOFT TM ACS-30S. To make a co-wash more effective in cleansing, it is possible to add a small percentage of a delicate surfactants. Our Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate is the perfect solution if you want to improve the “wash” without giving up the “co-wash” concept: derived from aminoacids, it is 100% natural and COSMOS certified, totally compatible with skin and hair. It will provide a dense foam and a creamy texture, rinsing without stressing the hair.