Natural Arginin for hair color protection

Amik Italia has launched EvermildTM L-ARG, natural arginin by fermentation, pure and COSMOS certified.

Arginin is a multi-functional ingredient that can be used for different cosmetic applications.As a component of the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), it works as a moisturizer, reducing the TEWL (Trans-Epidermial Water Loss), supporting the skin barrier and skin elasticity, and preventing aging.

But arginin is even more interesting in its hair-care applications. It is one of the most important aminoacids in hair keratin, where it plays a structural and protective role; moreover it is proved that hair can absorbe it from outside.

EvermildTM L-ARG, water-soluble, can strenghten the hair and promote hair growth by improving micro-circulation at the level of hair bulbs, stimulating the anagen phase and reducing the telogen phase.

EvermildTM L-ARG is also suitable for professional hair care, preventing the damage to hair proteins and lipids caused by peroxide and working as a booster in color protection. Being the perfect anchoring for sodium PCA, a conditioning agent able to bind hair dye molecules, it significatly improves the interaction between this ingredient and the hair. Therefore the combination of arginin and sodium PCA will obtain the best results in color-retention and slows down the discoloration of dyed hair.