Papain & Bromelain

Enzymes are used in different industrial sectors, among them the cosmetic sector, where they have become more and more popular. Peeling, face wash, anti-aging, anti-acne and whitening treatments, face masks and serums are only some of the possible applications for these highly functional and performing ingredients.

Our enzyme range includes now two enzymes from natural source, Papain from papaya and Bromelain from pineapple. Naturally active in these fruits, Papain and Bromelain are obtained through a technological process of purification combined with freeze drying, so that they turn out pure, stable and safe for cosmetic applications on skin.

Papain and Bromelain are proteolytic enzymes, active on skin keratin. Their keratolytic action can be used for:

  • Peeling – remove dead cells, improve skin appearance and luminosity
  • Anti-aging – stimulate cell turnover and injury repairing, make skin smoother
  • Anti-acne – help cleaning skin pores, improve appearence of mixed and acneic skin
  • Whitening – have anti-spot and whitening effect