ECOCERT & COSMOS-certified Refreshing Agents

Amik Italia presents two fresh new entries in the “BIO” range: KOKOTMML-40 and KOKOTMML PLUS II,┬ánatural refreshing agents, ECOCERT & COSMOS-certified.

KOKOTMML-40 is pure mentyl lactate in crystals, entirely derived from natural menthol.

KOKOTMML PLUS II is an innovative blend of menthol and menthyl lactate, in a liquid form. Free of alcohol or other solvents, it is obtained by a patented method that amplifies sensorial performances and provides a strong fresh impact and long-lasting persistence at the same time, together with a light balsamic odor.

This blend is also available as micro-incapsulated, in micro-granules that can be used in oral care and exfoliating treatments.

KOKOTMML-40 and KOKOTMML PLUS II are versatile ingredients, that can be added to any formula, either leave-on or rinse-off, where a fresh feeling is needed. The application range is wide: emulsions and detergents for both body and face, hair care, shaving and after-shaving product for men, deodorants, oral care, sunscreen, scrub, wet wipes, lip balms, epilation, legs and feet products (also for powder formulas).