A New Generation of Amino Acid-Based Surfactants

Formulating “sulphate-free”, super mild and cost effective cleansing products is possible, using amino acid-based surfactants: Sarcosinates, Alaninates, Glycinates and Glutamates.

Key points: green chemistry, high technological process, high quality products, sustainability, eco-friendly.

  • Production process with low environmental impact (waste prevention, energy efficiency, low carbon footprint, renewable raw materials, pollution prevention)
  • Organic solvent free
  • Preservative free
  • Ultra mild and anti-irritating
  • Safety and global regulatory compliance
  • Confortable and silky feel to the skin during and after use
  • Excellent foaming and detergency power
  • Enviromentally friendly, readily biodegradable
  • Cost effective
  • Ecocert, Cosmos
  • RSPO (mass balanced and also segregation)
  • Exclusive self-thickening technology based on glutamates (patent pending)

These surfactants are suitable for all types of skin; due to their mildness they are higly recommended for baby care, sensitive and injured skin.

Thanks to the new thickening technology is now possible to use glutamates as primary surfactants for the very first time, covering a wide range of viscosity, inlcuded very high viscosity.

“Eversoft” green and mild surfactants are suitable for all the skin & hair care application, a natural choice for your personal care!