RSPO & COSMOS Potassium Cetyl Phosphate

Innovation is not only creating new products, but also review and optimize traditional products with new production processesthat improve both the product’s features and its sustainability. Sino Lion, distributed by Amik Italia, firmly believes in this concept, applied to different sectors: from surfactants to cooling agents, from emulsifiers to active ingredients.

This is how EverMAPTM16K was created: a natural-derived version of Potassium Cetyl Phosphate that, thanks to an innovative production process, reduces the production steps optimizing the costs. It was approved by RSPO and certified by COSMOS – it can also be used in Natrue-certified formulas.

Perfectly soluble in warm water, it is generally used as co-emulsifier in many skin-care formulas.

It needs a low-dosage and, besides supporting viscosity and skin-feeling, it considerably improves the formulation stability and ensures a perfect skin compatibility at the same time.

Suitable for both cosmetic and dermatological products, it is also used in sunscreens and very appreciated in the make-up world.