Lecithins & Phospholipids

Lecithins & Phospholipids


Lecithins are a mixture of lipids which contain minimum of 50% polar lipids. These polar lipids  – phospholipids – are the active ingredients of lecithin and impart to it the properties which make it suitable for use. Phospholipids are lipids containing phosphorus, a polar head and nonpolar tails. They are essential lipids of biological membranes. Based on their amphiphilic character, phospholipids are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents & solubilizers. Due to their property of self assembly, they are able to make micelles & liposomes. Phospholipids play functional roles in various health segments and may have several cosmetic applications.

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EMULSIONS: thanks to their amphiphilic nature, phospholipids have excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties and are suitable for multifunctional emulsions.

LECIVA-S12NF (soya) – Emulsifier

LECIVA-ST12 (soya) – Emulsifier for cleansing products

LECIVA-SMAP (soya) – Emulsifier for highly aqueous cosmetic preparations

LECIVA-ACE (soya)  – Emulsifier for high fat loaded cosmetics

LECIVA-AUBADE (sunflower)  – Emulsifier for high fat loaded cosmetics

CARRIER SYSTEMS (LIPOSOMES & MICELLES): the unique property to self assemble in an aqueous medium and the capacity of blending with skin barrier lipids make phospholipids a perfect carrier system to enhance percutaneous absorption of actives.

LECIVA-SMAP (soya)  – Precursor for micelle formation of hydrophobic actives

LECIVA-DIFUZ (soya)  – High purity liposome precursor

LECIVA-LITHE (soya)  – High purity liposome precursor

CHOLESTEROL – Stabilizer for liposomes

SKIN REPAIR: the fatty acid composition of phospholipids mimics that of the lipids of skin barrier as well as epidermal lipids, which is why phospholipids are also called “second skin”.

LECIVA-SMAP (soya)  – Humectant

LIPOVA-E115 (egg) – Skin lipid matrix rebuilding

OLEOVA (egg) – Emollient, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-acne, soothing


CELLULITE: phospholipids have a lipolytic capacity and can enhance the penetration of actives.


LECIVA-DIFUZ (soya)  – Lipolytic agent in topical products

LECIVA-LITHE (soya)  – Lipolytic agent in injectable products

HAIR CARE: phospholipids support regeneration of hair follicles and hair growth; they are also excellent conditioning and anti-frizz agents.

LECIVA-S12NF (soya) – Conditioning, anti-frizz

LIPOVA-E200 (egg) – Hair strengthening and shine

OLEOVA (egg) – Conditioning, anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff

CHOLESTEROL – Conditioning