Vegetal Talc

A natural cosmetic rheology enhancer free from silicone, aluminium, bismuth oxychloride


WNC-Powder-RE is a completely natural powder from vegetal origin. It increases the formulation viscosity and creates a velvety feeling on the skin.

Suitable for different applications, WNC-Powder-RE gives softness to powdery mixtures, reduces greasiness and makes an optimal base for masks and balms.

This fine powder, based on Oryza Sativa Starch, Zea Mays Starch, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour and Hydrated Silica (most of which with organic certification),  is perfectly soluble in water.

It can be used in emulsions, gels and all kinds of cosmetic formulations with a water phase (as long as the production temperature is below 80°C), or mixed with other powders for powdery formulations.

It is a versatile ingredient, suitable for skin care (face and body), make-up, deo, sun care, baby care.

It can be used at different dosage, depending on the desired texture and skin-feeling. Usually it is added in a percentage between 1 and 5%; the viscosity increase is directly proportional to its dosage.

Its natural origin and great performances in terms of texture and skin feeling and verified safety (tested for skin, eye and mucosa) make WNC-Powder-RE an ingredient to discover!