New versions available for a more effective protection

Bionest, our supplier, has further improved the SunCat technology and launched two new references in the range, thanks to a collaboration with BASF and the use of new types of sunscreen.

The new products, named SunCat JCW03 and SunCat JCW09, are even safer and more effective and help obtaining a high SPF with even a lower percentage of chemical sunscreen in the formula.

SunCat JCW03 contains BASF’s sunscreen Uvinul A Plus, Uvinul T150 and Tinosorb S, while SunCat JCW09 is obtained by a combination of Uvinul A Plus, Uvinul T150 e avobenzone.

Using less than 2,5% of sunscreen SPF 30 is easily reached, while using a 10% we can get to SFP 50+ without adding any physical sunscreen.

The new versions of course maintain all the advantages of the SunCat technology:

  • double enwrapping to contain, stabilize and enhance the sunscreen’s performance, so that the maximum UVA + UVB protection┬ácan be obtained with the lowest possible sunscreen percentage;
  • preventing the particles aggregation for a homogeneous and long-lasting SPF;
  • safe on skin: the chemicals won’t be absorbed and the final product will prove absolutely delicate and non-irritating even on sensitive skin;
  • easy to formulate: compatible with most active ingredients, to be added cold at the end of the production process;
  • incredible texture and skin-feeling.

SunCat, unique technology for a next generation sunscreen!

SunCat - Sunscreen of the future