From Skin to Scalp, a New Trend for Hair Beauty & Health

Skin scrubbing or peeling is a common treatment: a mechanical action to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface layer in order to improve skin beauty and lightness. From skin to hair, this treatment is now suitable also for the scalp, to improve the beauty and health of scalp and hair.

Scalp scrubbing helps cleansing and purification, through dead cells and excess sebum removal the scalp is able to “breathe” better and hair growth is promoted. It also could have a positive effect against scalp nuisances like itching, inflammation, dryness, redness and dandruff.

It is very important to pay attention to the ingredients used in this type of application: scalp scrubbing has to be mild and absolutely non-agressive.

Our proposal for scalp scrubbing:

  • PPP-100TM: pearl powder made by refining high quality fresh water pearl using a proprietary process. It is non-soluble in water and acts as gentle exfoliator without any irritation and harshness. Pearl powder has the advantages of completely safety and a history of use in traditional medicines.
  • SINOSPHERETM KOOL-BEADS-B2: blue cooling beads with a patented cooling agent, for a refreshing scalp scrubbing. The cooling agent is tightly wrapped in the beads, thus it will not be released to the formula. The beads easily absorb water and get softer, then crush under a little pressure releasing the cooling agent.