Innovative and performing gelling agents, based on a patented  pharmaceutical agent

Gilugel® are suitable for many different cosmetic applications. They are functional additives, capable of improving stability and rheological characteristics.

Gilugel® are lipogels composed of 20% of Aluminium-Magnesium-Hydroxide-Stearate, which is the main active and patented component. The remaining 80% consists of specific oils or esters, in which the active material is gelled. Color and odor of all Gilugel® versions are affected by the specific oil or ester in use.

The main applications are for:

Skin care – better stability, excellent skin feeling, increase of water content in W/O emulsions

Sun care – better thermostability, increase of SPF and water resistance

Make-up – pigment distribution improvement and prevention of reagglomeration

Barrier creams – protective film formation, resistance to aqueous and oily media

Antiperspirant – lend consistency to sticks and cream

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