Revolutionary and value-added personal care actives based on stabilized enzymes

Our cosmetic division is glad to announce a new partnership with PROTEOS Biotechand to present these innovative ingredients.

The range included Keratinase, Collagenase G/H, Lipase and Hyaluronidase.

Enzymes are obtained by biotechnological processes and stabilized with microcapsules or microemulsions or cross-linking.

They are a natural alternative to chemical ingredients, with no irritation and no side effects.

Each enzyme is specific for certain substrates:

CELLULITE TREATMENT: three different actions to use individually or in sinergy

  • RENOVENZYME®PB: collagenase in microemulsion
  • HYALDRAIN PB: hyaluronidase in microemulsion
  • LIPOCEL-ERASE HYDRA PB: lipase in microcapsules

SKIN CARE: face and body applications for enzymatic peeling, mechanical exfoliation, skin cell renewal, anti-aging, acne, keratosis pilaris, hirsutism, ingrown hair removal and hair growth delaying, treatment of calluses and corns

  • KERATOCLEAN®HYDRA PB: keratinase in microcapsules
  • KERATOPEEL PB: keratinase with cross-linking (glucose)
  • LIPOCLEANSING HYDRA PB: lipase in microcapsules
  • LIPOCLEANSING PEEL PB: lipase with cross-linking (glucose)

EYE CARE: ocular contour and reduction of eye bags

  • HYALUCORRECT PB: hyaluronidase in microemulsion

NAIL CARE: pre-treatment for nail disorders and alterations

KERNAIL-SOFT PB: keratinase with cross-linking (algin)