Revolutionary Bioavailable Ceramides

Ceramide can be defined as the mortar that keeps together the bricks our skin and hair are made of. Therefore it plays a key role in the skin’s “barrier” function, and it is directly connected to a halthy look of both skin and hair. A clear correlation is proved between the decrease of the ceramide level and aging.

As an ingredient, ceramide is therefore a fundamental, endogenous component – the perfect ingredient for cosmetic treatments, but hard to solubilize and use in a formula. Ceraskin is a revolutionary product that solves such problems and provides formulators with liquid, easily-to-solubilize ceramides, without the crystallization problems that are typical in this kind of product.

What is ceramide?

The most external skin layer, called corneal layer, is responsible for protection from external factors such as UV radiation, germs, pollution as well as for preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Ceramides, together with cholesterol and fatty acids, are the corneal layer’s main lipid component and help create the so called “lipid barrier” of the skin, a multi-lamellar structure similar to bricks kept together by mortar, that protects the skin and maintains its hydration level. Because of this structural function, a reduction of ceramide content is the direct cause of several skin problems, from aging to psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne.

Ceramides are also fundamental components of the hair, being part both of the scalp, where they perform an anti-microbic and hydration-regulation function, and the cuticle, where they keep together the flakes exacly like mortar with bricks. A reduction of ceramide content in the hair provokes cuticle’s desquamation, hair fragility, loss of beauty, volume, brightness.

CeraSkin, an efficient cosmetic ingredient for skin and hair

CeraSkin, developed by Bio-Nest and exclusively distributed in Italy by Amik Italia, provides bioavailable and highly functional ceramides, in liquid form and easy to solubilize. The ceramides contained in CeraSkin are human-identical “ceramides 3” obtained by biotechnologial processes of yeast fermentation, and they have the same stereochemical configuration of the human ones, which makes them particularly efficient. Above all, CeraSkin provides ceramides that do not crystallize. Crystallization is a typical behaviour of ceramides, which not only is problematic for the formula’s balance, but mostly makes them totally inefficient as they cannot penetrate. CeraSkin has solved this issue: ceramides are now usable in the most efficient way.

Two versions are available. CeraSkin O is the liposoluble version, a 3% ceramide NP (3B) solution in isostearic acid. It is suitable for skin-care formulas such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment, as well as for the treatment of skin dryness, irritation, atopic dermatitis.

The other version is CeraSkin P, water soluble, a 0,5% ceramide NP (3B) solution in PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate preserved with Phenoxyethanol. It is thought for water-based, rinse-off products, which makes it perfect for hair-care products. Ceramides have the capacity of reinforcing the scalp’s barrier function, but above all they can repair and flesh out the hair, filling up the stringy parts, entering the cuticle’s empty spaces to fight the damage and repair the structure.