A natural hair volumizer

A particular species of tilia grows in Turkey, with a composition especially rich in phytonutrients thanks to its natural environment. From this plant a multi-functional active ingredient for the hair is extracted: B-Volume, with volumizing, conditioning and protective properties.

B-Volume is 100% from natural origin, rich in polysaccharides, flavonoids, polypeptides, glycoproteins, mucilages and aminoacids, and it significantly improves the hair hydration and volume. It works on the hair cuticle, where it deposes its biopolymeric content. B-Volume is made of molecules of different sizes with polar and ionic sites, able to create different bonds: the heavier components stick to the hair surface because of Van der Waals’s forces, whereas the lighter ones penetrate inside the hair.

This product therefore creates a protective film that helps preventing the damage by reducing the cysteine oxidation, and improves the bond creation between hair and water improving the hydration level with a significant gain in volume.

Supported by a wide dosseir of ex-vivo efficacy tests, B-Volume is a natural and highly performing solution for products meant to rehydrate, protect and volumize the hair – especially suitable for straight hair.

The product’s film-forming and volumizing capacity is also appreciated on eyelash: try it as a raw material for mascara and eyelash volumizing treatments!