Hair Care: a New Pigment for Semi-permanent Black

In art it is the darkest color, in science the absence of color. In hair-dye formulation it is among the most difficult colors to obtain.

Black is the result of a delicate balance among the three primary colors and a hair-dye formulator know how hard it is, because of the lack of adequate pigments, to prevent the final color from shading towards the starting shades – usually blue or brown.

Regulations forbidding certain dark pigments contribute to make the formulator’s job even harder.

Amik has a new colorant, B-Black, finalized after years of research and development. Thanks to B-Black it is now possible to easily achieve different shades of raven-black using only one pigment.

Try to believe!


N.B. The product is patent-pending, not yet available for purchasing. Samples are available for tests.


B-Black compared with two other pigments mostly used to achieve black shades in hair dyes.